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Can I Receive Assistance When Buying iPos?

Yes, of course. You cannot buy the iPos point-of-sale system without four hours of installation and training. We stand by our claim that all employees, after a few minutes, will be able to use all the features in the system without feeling uncomfortable – regardless of their computer or iPad skills.

Can iPos Be Adapted To My Specific Requests?

Yes. It is possible to adjust the system to the needs of the store without adding any major costs. Most of our customers with industry-specific needs receive a unique solution from iPos, as do customers who have multiple stores or a central warehouse, multiple online stores, etc.

Can I Use My Current Receipt Printer, Scanner Or Cash Drawer?

Yes, in many cases, you will be able to use your existing scanner, receipt printer or cash drawer. If you wish to use our system on an iPad, you will need a new scanner and receipt printer with the right wireless connection to your iPad.

Can I Use iPos With My Current Point-Of-Sale System?

iPos can be run on all standard Mac and Windows computers + iPad/iPhone. We will always try to integrate your existing equipment into our solution. It is always important that your equipment is up to date and virus free before we can guarantee a good experience with your system.

We work independently of equipment, hardware, operating systems and payment terminals, which means iPos is not confined to inappropriate expensive solutions with poor functionality.

Are There Many Cables?

No, not a single one. All units on the iPos system communicate via Bluetooth (iPad) and the store’s online network. System reliability is outstanding, and you will not experience any annoying disruptions of disconnected units. The different units are battery-run with up to 10 days’ battery life before charging is necessary.

Many customers have chosen iPos because we are the only supplier on the market offering Apple’s design computer/iPad with a POS system that is built on Apple’s software and therefore provides optimal support for your Mac or iPad.

Can I Receive A Demonstration Of iPos Before I Decide?

Yes, we always recommend a demonstration of iPos before you decide. This way we can ensure that we live up to your expectations. It is also possible to configure a test installation at no cost in case you need to purchase the system for a large number of stores or several licences for a single location.

Can I Transfer Data From My Existing Point-Of-Sale System?

Yes, the iPos point-of-sale software can receive most file formats. We will, in almost all cases, be able to load your product database, customers, stock figures, etc. We have developed integrations with SPY, e-conomic, iConomy and most other common systems capable of exporting data in a readable format. If you have an online store from Magento, Salecto, Smartweb, Dandomain, Prestashop or Shopify, your store items will automatically be downloaded to iPos every minute including stock figures.

Will iPos Be Superior Or Inferior To My Store’s Needs?

We will always identify the needs of your store before you buy iPos. We want nothing more than satisfied customers. iPos has many functionalities, but the system truly excels other products due to its logical user interface and the many features that our customers have contributed for many years. We have continuously encouraged our customers to tell us about missing functionality, so iPos can do all the things our customers have requested.

Can I Be Certain That There Will Be No Extra Costs In Connection With My Purchase?

We offer iPos as a stand-alone software or as a package solution containing all the things you need for a regular retail store. If you run a chain store or the system is to be integrated with online store systems unknown to us, we will always quote you a price for this task separately.

Is Support Included In iPos?

Yes, when you buy iPos, implying that we have installed and trained the owner/staff as part of the delivery, we offer round-the-clock support by telephone and email. When you call our helpline, you will talk to employees who have helped programme iPos, so you can always expect to receive a clear answer or solution to your challenge.

We offer 24/7-365 monitoring on our integrations via text messaging and “self-service” alarms in iPos that will tell you the error preventing the integration.

All your data are secured, and your system is backed up in our hosting centre.

How Long Is The Delivery Time?

Once you have decided that iPos is to be your next point-of-sale system, we are able to deliver at a time that suits you, usually within a few days.

Is The Product Covered By Warranty?

We refer to the manufacturer’s guarantee supplied with your iPad, computer, receipt printer, scanner or cash drawer. Whenever possible we will try to lend you a substitute product that you can use for as long as the defective product is being repaired.

Do I Have The Right To Cancel The Product?

Once iPos has been purchased and installed, you cannot return the equipment/service, but as we want nothing more than satisfied customers, we will always pay back the “unused” prepaid licence if you are not happy with iPos.

Can I Buy iPos In Instalments?

Yes! Our packages can be financed via our leasing company at an attractive price.

Still Have Questions?

If that’s the case, please write to us on info@i-pos.dk or call +45 89 800 830.